1. How to Have a Great Hair Appointment – Part 2

    Don't leave your hair appointment results up to fate.  When you're meeting with a hair stylist, especially one you've never worked with before, there's some great ways to ensure that you have a great appointment. In our last blog, we shared some ways to interact with your stylist, including bringing photos and dressing for the style you want. Today, we have a few more tips for you! Keep an open m…Read More

  2. How to Have a Great Hair Appointment – Part 1

    We've all come out of the hair salon with results we can't stand. At our salon, we make every effort to understand exactly what our clients want and deliver it with excellence. It's always a team effort between the client and the hairdresser, which means you have a lot of power! As the client, there are some things you can do to ensure your stylist understands what you need. Share a bit about you…Read More