2017 Hot Hair Color Trends For Spring And Summer

Now’s the time to start thinking about your look for summer. There are some hot new hair trends that we think are fabulous. Come in for a consultation with a Tamra Hallowell Salon colorist and we’ll help you get the look you want!

Rainbow Highlights

With a soft rose, grey or blond base, blending in subtle, or not so subtle, rainbow highlights create a fun, whimsical look perfect for summer.

Mixing Vivid Hues

We especially like this look on short hair. Use a soft transition between two complementary hues to create an icy blue sensation, or combine trendy soft rose with vibrant violet for a truly unique look. The more vibrant the better, we say.

Dip Dye

The dip-dye look is perfect for summer. If you aren’t fully committed, dying a couple of inches on your ends is a good way to dip your foot into the pool of bright color. For black hair, try a subtle navy blue dip on the ends. Or create a contrast that will wow with lime green ends on a bright blond base.

Not So Boring Blonde

This trend isn’t really new. But we love it. Dark roots with bright blonde locks is still as hot as ever. And it works great with any style.


You’ll find that denim is going to be trending everywhere from the runway to the salon. And a faded denim color treatment is a great way to be a trend setter. Do it this year. By the time everyone catches on and starts making the change, you’ll be ready to move on to a new look.


Girl On Fire

We just love fiery hair. Somewhere between orange and red is a shade we call “fire”. And that’s hot!

Ice Ice Baby

If denim is a bit too much for you to get your head around, try an ice blue hue. Ice blue is a new take on the pastel trend that launched the rose hair trend. We still love the rose. But blue ice sizzles for summer.

Red Wine

You can’t go wrong with red. Choose a burgundy wine or something a little more spicy with notes of rose and cinnamon. The options are really endless. Let us help you pick the perfect wine for you.

Go Nude

A hot new trend is to go nude and match your hair to your skin tone. This might sound like a an easy choice, but the results are bold and sometimes shocking. It is not for the faint of heart.

Jewels Are A Girl’s Best Friend

You can’t go wrong with jewel tones. Pick a tone that is going to compliment your style and your skin tone. Our colorists can help you choose and deliver the goods. We don’t think this trend is ever going out of style.

Brown Is Back

Brown is not boring. It has never been out of style. This summer, though, you’ll be seeing everything from light ash to hazelnut on the beach and on the runways. We’re also big fans of chocolate brown, a great choice for going bold with brown.

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