Don’t leave your hair appointment results up to fate. 

When you’re meeting with a hair stylist, especially one you’ve never worked with before, there’s some great ways to ensure that you have a great appointment. In our last blog, we shared some ways to interact with your stylist, including bringing photos and dressing for the style you want. Today, we have a few more tips for you!

Keep an open mind

If you’ve had a bad salon experience in the past, it’s hard not to project it forward onto the new hairstylist waiting to help you. Additionally, if you’ve had one hairstylist doing your hair up until this point, you might be convinced that there is only one way to achieve the look you want. However, you’ll get the most out of your appointment if you combine an open mind with honesty. When we say that, we mean that it may be a bad idea to ask the stylist to use the exact same techniques as a previous stylist. Work with your new stylist and be clear about if there are tools or techniques you absolutely don’t want to be used.

Stay realistic

Being aware of your hair’s color, texture, age, and density will help you understand just what is possible when it comes to hairstyles. This is the best way to ensure that you have a good experience and come out with a hair style you love.

Share your hair’s past

Tell your stylist anything you’ve done to your hair before this. This includes keratin treatments and hair color. You should also share if you often use heat to style it or if you swim a lot. All of this information will allow your stylist to make smart decisions for your hair. Both of you will appreciate it.

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