Pastel Hair: What You Need To Know When You Step Into The Hair Salon

Being in the salon and spa industry, we know that hair care, skin care, hair styles, and especially colors, are forever changing. There seems to be a new trend every month at this point. However, if we had to point out the major one of 2016, we believe it to be pastel hair color.

You’ve seen it on all the celebrities, you’ve seen it walking down the street, and you know you are envious of it. Pastel hair color is all the rage, and you want it. We love it, and we want you to own it!

Here at Tamra Hollowell Salon & Spa in Newport News, we want to make you look fierce, fabulous, and like the mermaid you have longed to be. We love what we do and want you to understand why.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all aboard this magical unicorn hair train. However, we want to educate you on how the hair color process works and how to maintain those beautiful, freshly colored locks.


Deciding on your hair color is the most fun (besides seeing the color in action).

You may have one in mind already, or you might want to “try it on,” so to speak. Something that helps is getting a photo app where you can edit your hair color. Play around and see which colorful hue fits your personality best!


Some people, and very few, can possibly skip this step and just go straight to that light pink candy hair color. Others, the majority, have to do a lifting and bleaching process. This takes time, and we want you to be prepared. Bleaching is a rough process when it comes to your hair. We are stripping the hair color you already have and making it as platinum blonde as possible. Creating this hair color first will make sure that the actual pastel hair color is going to show up with its beautiful hues like it was intended.


After the bleach and lifting process has been completed, then we can officially add the hair color you’ve chosen. This is always going to be a little scary, because the color in our mixing bowls is not showing you the hair color it will be when it’s completed. We are trained professionals, and your hair is our canvas. So, we won’t do anything less but make you look magnificent.


This is the most important part of your unicorn transformation. We want your hair to be stunning always, and the proper hair care maintenance will keep it that way.

  • Shampoo Less- Trust us, shampooing less lets the hair color last longer. Dry shampoo is your friend.
  • Add dye to your conditioner – Adding a little hair dye to your conditioner will also help the hair color last, and it will tweak the hair color to be a little different each time, which is always fun!
  • Come see us – You want to get touchups at least every four to six weeks to keep that mane looking light and airy. This is a great way to keep those locks looking great with your new love of fun hair colors.

Come check out our great hair salon and spa! We are friendly, professional, and confident in making people look their very best. We also do it all as well, so even if you aren’t ready for this drastic hair transformation, come get a funky new cut. Or, just relax with a nice facial. Come see us in Newport News; you will be so glad you did!