The Hottest Fall Hair Colors

Summer is officially over. And, we have to admit, we went through a bit of a mourning period now that fall has arrived. But, then we started thinking about sweaters, and boots and new hair colors, and we started to remember that we love fall! If you haven’t yet gotten excited about the changing seasons, maybe a new hair color will help! Here are some of the hottest trends for this year. If you see something that grabs you, come in and see us. We’d love to give you a whole new look.

Slate Gray

For those of you who went summertime platinum or had bright blond highlights, slate gray is a great fall transition. It is a hot, hot trend that looks good on anyone. And, it’ll give your hair a break from the bleach. If you haven’t tried anything so different, this fall is the season to do it. Don’t wait until next year when this trend has become commonplace. Do it now while you’ll still stand out in a crowd.

Ruby Red

We’re not talking I Love Lucy here. We’re talking rich, cherry red with blue and purple undertones. This is a whole new kind of red. Think cranberry, not pumpkin. It’s not brassy or brash. It’s smooth and strong. We love these new red shades and know you will too.


Not everyone can pull off black hair. But, you might look fabulous in this almost-black color. It has just enough softness to it that it’ll keep people guessing what color it actually is. Is it black, brown, is there some blue in there? Try it! If it is too much for you, we can always add some of that slate gray or ruby red to your new dark base. That would be spectacular!


High Contrast Blond

If you’re a blond and you’re never going to change that, try adding a little contrast for the fall. Dark brown roots with bright blond locks is a striking look that’ll have everyone taking a second look. It’s a great look if you don’t want to do anything too drastic but need some kind of change to set a new mood for the season.

Caramel Highlights

Adding caramel colored highlights to the ends of dark brown or black hair gives you a whole new look without committing you to a drastic change. You can easily go back to your solid shade. Or, if you love it you can add more caramelly goodness.

Peaches And Cream

We hope you’ll choose this look. It is one of our favorites. With subtle shades of pink, gray and gold, your hair will take on the shades of a subtle sunset. It literally includes all the shades in a bowl of peaches and cream. This is a commitment. It’s not for a wallflower.

Did you see something that grabs you? Or is there some other color look you really want to try for the fall. Well, there’s a reason we’re one of the best color salons in Newport News. It’s because we love this stuff and we’re great at it. So, come see us!